Dog Run’s Rules

dsc021771Below are the St. Nick’s Dog Run Rules and Regulations. If you are unsure of what is allowed in the dog run, please call 311.

Rules and Regulations for the Dog Park

1. Parents with children below 13 should encourage them to enjoy dogs from outside the dog play area. Parents who allow their children to come into the dog park do so at their own risk. The rule exists to help assure the safety of children. Tragic accidents can happen quickly. The dog park is designated to be a playground for dogs; it is not to be used as a children’s playground. Remember, dogs perceive running as play and will chase a running child.

2. Users of this facility do so at their own risk. The Friends of St. Nicholas Park shall not be liable for any injury or damage caused by any dogs in the park.

3. Do not leave your dog alone or unattended in the dog park. While talking make sure you are taking note of your dogs behavior

4. Please leash and remove dogs from the dog park that behave in an aggressive or annoying manner. Dogs involved in a fight must be separated immediately and removed from the park, regardless of which dog provoked the confrontation. Dogs with a known history of aggressive behavior against other dogs or people are not allowed to use St. Nick’s Dog Park.

6. Prevent injuries by supervising your dog at all times. If your dog inflicts an injury give your name and phone number to the injured party before leaving the area.

7. Dogs with known contagious medical conditions, with diarrhea or bladder infections are not allowed in the dog park until said condition has been treated and has passed.

8. Clean up after your dog.

9. Restrain digging. Refill holes. Holes can cause injuries to both humans and dog at play.

10. No dogs in heat allowed in the park.

11. Closely monitor un-neutered male dogs. They can be more aggressive than neutered dogs and they are also more often targets of attacks.

12. Remove prong and spike collars from dogs while in the dog park. They can injure other dogs while at play. Dogs with a history of inflicting bite injuries should wear a muzzle.

13. Dogs in the dog park must be properly vaccinated and licensed.

14. Puppies must have had their full course of vaccines before using the park. Don’t bring puppies under 4 months old to the park. They don’t have all the necessary inoculations that allow them to play safely with other animals.

15 NO food OR dog toys in the dog park. Dogs competing for food or toys can become protectively aggressive. Many fights start out this way.

16. Please respect and be courteous to one another and one another’s dogs.