Snow Sculpture in St. Nicholas Park

This morning I stumbled upon an amazing snow sculpture in the north part of the park. Pictures above and below shows a couple carved out of snow sitting on a rock. The piece of art is located just south of the west 141st street staircase, near the Hamilton Grange.

While photographing it, a couple came up and asked how it was doing.  Low and behold, the artists themselves came to check on it! The artists are Rebecca Kassay and Andrew Thomas who live just north of the park. He is an architect and she has been involved in sculptor arts. To celebrate their 1st year together yesterday, they created this lovely piece of art. (They are pictured below with their work).

It can still be seen just south of the lower part of the west 141st street staircase. Enjoy it today in the park before it melts!

Harlem artists Rebecca Kassay and Andrew Thomas with their work.