It’s My Park! Day Scheduled For Saturday October 23rd

Our semi-annual cleanup day happens again on  Saturday, October 23rd from 11am-4pm. Come out and meet at the 135th street plaza. We really need everyone’s help to clean up the litter and overgrowth overtaking our beautiful park.

Be sure to bring work clothes and gloves. Some activities include cleaning up litter in the park, raking, mulching, planting bulbs and tree care, painting benches, fencing, park houses, and comfort stations throughout playgrounds and parks.

WHEN: Sat, Oct 23, 11am – 4pm

WHAT TO WEAR OR BRING: Work clothes and gloves (although gloves will be provided if you do not have them)

MORE INFO: We need lots of volunteers. Please contact us at if you have any questions.

Hamilton Grange Update For September 2010

Below is an update from Darren Boch of the National Parks Service on the Hamilton Grange National Monument.

Work continues apace in restoring Hamilton Grange National Memorial. A gate has been installed to protect the new handicap accessible lift, the Horticultural Society is continuing to care for the thirteen sweet gum trees planted on the site, and the exterior has been scraped and readied for painting. Inside the home, plaster repair is being done to the fireplace in the parlor, molding is being stripped and the exhibit team is diligently working on how best to tell the story of this Founding Father and the house he called his “sweet project.”

A National Park Service conservator steams the water-soluble historic paint off the cornice moldings in the parlor of Hamilton Grange after having used a chemical stripper (orange color) to remove the modern latex as well as the lead-based paint. The team uses bamboo picks and dental instruments for the fine detail work. The bone colored areas are where 200 years of paint has been removed to reveal the intricate detail of the egg and dart design on the molding. Once the cleaning has been done the cornice will be given a fresh coat of paint to return it to its appearance when Hamilton lived there.

A third-year graduate student in the Conservation program of the Institute of Fine Arts at New York University uses a dental pick to carefully coax decades of paint from the deep crevices of the egg and dart design on the cornice molding in the parlor of Hamilton Grange. The work is painstaking, requiring more than a month for the four-person team to clean the moldings in just the parlor.

The Hamilton Grange is expected to open Spring 2011. Check back at this website for more info.

St. Nick’s Dog Run Coffee Bark returns for October!


Our Coffee Bark is back next month, Saturday, October 2nd from 9am-11am at St. Nick’s Dog Run. Come to the Dog Run and celebrate the beginning of Fall with free coffee and donuts. Socialize with fellow dog owners and discuss issues and ideas on concerning St. Nicholas Park and St. Nick’s Dog Run. We need volunteers to help keep the Coffee Bark going – please email us to help out!

Our Coffee Barks take place the first Saturday of every month from 9am-11am at the St. Nick’s Dog Run.

The St. Nick’s Dog Run is located in the middle of St. Nicholas Park between 136th and 137th streets. If you are interested in volunteering for the Coffee Bark, contact us at