Hamilton Grange National Memorial Restoration Update

Update: Due to delays the Hamilton Grange will now open to the public in Spring 2011.

Update provided from Darren Boch of the National Parks Service:

Anyone walking near Hamilton Grange National Memorial lately has noticed that the exterior of the home has really begun to look just as Hamilton
constructed his “sweet project” in 1802.   The faux finish on the ground level has been done, turning stucco into “stonework,” and the decorative
railings have been installed and painted. And this being spring, the landscaping is beginning to bloom and the grass seed has taken root.

Phase One of the restoration project, which covered most of the exterior work and landscaping, is nearing completion. The NPS restoration team
recently inspected the HVAC, fire suppression, alarm, electric, water and sewer systems and we are now moving toward Phase Two, which will cover the
interior restoration work, including the hanging of the sidelights and the staircase. If all goes according to plan, the interior “finishing” phase of
the project should be completed in early 2011.

The elevator to take handicapped visitors from the ground level to the first floor has been installed and tested.

An electrician works on a floor outlet which is expected to power an exhibit in the ground floor visitor center.