St. Nick’s Dog Run Clean Up Day POSTPONED for Next Saturday March 20th 9am-2pm


The St. Nick’s Dog Run clean up day needs all the volunteers we can get to help spread a huge pile of woodchips (below are pictures), clean up litter and repair the fencing along the Dog Run perimeter. The clean up day takes place from 9am to 2pm on Saturday, March 20th. If you have a pair of work gloves please bring them. We will have some available to those who don’t. Also, we will have bottled water and coffee for everyone.

It is usually better to come to the workday after you walk your dog. Dogs demand attention while in the dog run, and the workday will be more enjoyable if you can leave your dog in the comfort of his home. Of course, we understand if this is not possible and appreciate any help you can lend.

For information contact us at

Harlem Wildlife! Including Bald Eagles & Red Tail Hawks

An amazing website called The Origin of Species has chronicled sighting of Bald Eagles in Harlem and have up close-up photos of a Red-Tail Hawk in St. Nicholas Park. These, coupled with the recent sightings of coyotes in Morningside and Central Parks, make for an exciting winter in Harlem.

Below are the links to the these posts.

Bald Eagles recorded in HD along Hudson River near West Harlem Piers.

More Bald Eagles in Harlem

Bald Eagle in Harlem

Photos of Red Tail Hawk in St. Nicholas Park

Dog owners asked to be cautious in dog run due to city-wide threat

NYC PARKS and PEP (Parks Enforcement Patrol) reports that a Craig’s list posting threatens to place poison in New York City dog runs. This notice has been released to all park organizations throughout the New York City. It could be a hoax, but we wanted to let dog owners know how they can be extra cautious and what to do in case they find something.

1. When entering the dog run, please study it carefully BEFORE unleashing your dog.
2. If you spot ANYTHING suspicious, IMMEDIATELY call the police, pep, and 311. Stay nearby until police arrive.
3. Do not touch anything suspicious and do not let any dogs near it.
4. Be vigilant right OUTSIDE of your dog parks. If someone truly intends to poison dogs, placing laced food near the dog runs is a way to avoid being easily spotted. Again- if you spot anything, report it immediately.
5. If you hear or see anything, please let the Friends of St. Nicholas Park know.

Again, this could be a hoax but just in case, please be cautious…

Alexander Hamilton Hip Hop Concept Album in the Works!

Lin-Manual Miranda, the writer and composer for the Tony Award-winning musical “In The Heights” is working on a hip hop concept album about Alexander Hamilton. Below is a link to his performance for President Obama back in May 2009 of some of the work. We obviously would be delighted if some of this music would be performed when the Hamilton Grange opens this fall!  We’ll keep you posted on events.