Friends need volunteers to help organize and run events, etc. for 2010

Below is a list of key volunteer positions we need to fill in order to make 2010 a great year in our park. If you are interested in any of these volunteer opportunities please contact us at  Thanks!


This point person organizes the few days of film screenings for St. Nicholas Park as part of the larger Historic Harlem Parks Film Festival. Duties include attending meetings, organizing film production company, coordinating permits, raising money and promoting the event for St. Nicholas Park.


This person will work with parks and other area organizations to bring special events into the park. Securing permits, dates and times and promoting the shows will be part of the responsibility. Liaising with Park Manager to assure performance space is clean and prepared for events. Attending events is required as you will be responsible for collecting emails addresses and offering more information about our park to attendees.


This person will help in maintaining the Friends’ website and blog entries through a CMS (no need for programming experience). Graphic design and cutting of images helpful, but not required. This person will be responsible for taking news about St. Nicholas Park and its surrounding neighborhood and write about it on the website. Also, drafting emails and blasting emails to the Friends’ email list will be part of the your responsibility. Strong writing skills and knowledge of Harlem a must.

Beloved Rumba Has Passed

Dear Friends,

Carola Polakov’s beloved dog who has been a part of the St. Nicholas Park and St. Nick’s Dog Run family for years has passed. Below is a note from Carola announcing her passing. The Friends will miss Rumba dearly. Any condolences can be sent to Carola at

Dear friends and family,

Our beloved Rumba passed on to the other side Saturday night (1/09). She died in my arms, surrounded by her dear friends Vaneik, Julia and Kioko. Sylvia also spent some time with her that evening. Since she was diagnosed with cancer, the day after Christmas, she had a couple of bad days, but mostly good. There were days that she looked quite sprite and in good spirits. I had hopes that the homeopathic treatment would work, but her illness was too advanced and finally she was too weak to keep on fighting.

She has been cremated and in the next few days her remains will be sent to me. I’ll let you know when we can get together in the park to spread the ashes. I will keep some of them to spread in the creeks in the Catskills where she was so happy swimming and hiking. Rumba was a wonderfully loving companion and the sweetest girl I could have hoped for. She gave me and her many friends much joy during her time with us and I know that she will always be remembered. Soon you will be receiving a photo video montage that I’m preparing as a tribute to her.

Thank you all for your support, sympathy and kind words, and most of all for loving her.

With love,


Tips For Keeping St. Nick’s Dog Run Looking Great in Winter!

Though fewer dogs and owners may use the run during the winter months, it still sees a lot of action. Below are some tips for what you can do to help us maintain our beautiful dog run.

Help keep the dog run clean and neat by:

– Bringing extra poop bags to fill our dispensers.

– Picking up trash (even if it’s not yours).

– Picking up poop (even if it’s not your dog’s).

– Filling in holes (no matter who dug them).

– Picking up stray cigarette butts.

– Picking up glass whenever you see it

– Volunteer on a Clean-up Day. (we always send out notices when we schedule them). Email us at if you like to be added to our list.

– Respect the rules of the Dog Run and work with other members of this great dog- owning community.

Contribute financially to support ongoing maintenance as well as future improvements to the dog run.

* TO DONATE to St. Nick’s Dog Run:

Step 1: Write a check made out to: City Parks Foundation

In the memo of the check be sure to write “Friends of St. Nicholas Park”

Step 2: Mail the check with a cover letter describing your donation to St. Nicholas Park to:

Friends Of St. Nicholas Park
P.O. Box 195
New York, NY 10030

Celebrate Alexander Hamilton’s Birthday this Sunday, Jan 10th!

Celebrate Alexander Hamilton’s 254th birthday with the National Park Service and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation on January 10.

From 10 a.m to 4 p.m., the Morris-Jumel Mansion will recognize the day with a re-enactor portraying Alexander Hamilton, a presentation by an NPS Ranger on Hamilton Grange National Memorial, and period music. It will be a fun day for the whole family!

We are expecting the birthday celebration next year (2011) this event will take place at the Hamilton Grange in St. Nicholas Park.