Hamilton Grange National Memorial Restoration Update – December 2009

The Grange received $2.4 million in funds from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, which will enable the National Park Service to complete the interior restoration of the home. Work on the interior has begun and we expect to reopen the memorial to visitors in the fall of 2010.

The front entrance of the house has regained much of its original appearance. The porch is in place and the front steps are awaiting additional work. The front door frame has been returned to its exact original position in the home’s façade – a feat the National Park Service’s historic architect said he was extremely pleased with considering the structural changes that were made to the house and the door frame itself following its first move in 1889. Stylistically, it is interesting to note that the square pillars supporting the floor of the front porch exactly match the dimensions and placement of the columns supporting the porch roof so that they appear to be continuous vertical lines.

Stephen Spaulding, a historic architect with the National Park Service, meets with a contractor on December 2 to discuss how to best replicate the
faux finish Hamilton ordered for the lower level of the Grange.

The New York Horticultural Society plants trees before the winter sets in.

The rear porch has been installed and the risers for the rear steps have been completed. The only netting that remains on the house is in the rear.